Mile End Meteors (will be release in Autumn 2021)

An eclectic homage to Montreal's Mile End district, home to a vibrant tapestry of musicians, painters, tech start-ups, fancy scientists and, indeed, Jasmin Lacasse Roy. This album is a love-letter to a neighbourhood that deeply inspires him with it's laid-back atmosphere imbued with artistic energy. It's Jasmin's favourite neighbourhood, and the sights and sounds he hears as a resident are woven throughout this dialogue of images. A dialogue with the people, real and imagined, who populate his quotidian scenery. The work  pours out with an intense and concentrated narrative force that nevertheless connects with an audience that might now share his love of Mile End. A dexterous juxtaposition of images and musical ideas come together for an album that sounds like an impressionist painting. Reflecting on his early inspiration for this album, Jasmin wanted each piece to "shine with a lively and fleeting glow like a meteor leaving behind short luminous trails as it enters the atmosphere."

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An Evening of Classical Guitar

Instead of the memory of a particular place, Jasmin's first studio album draws inspiration from a period, particularly the late Romantic virtuosos of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. He returns to his roots as an artist with a focus on imbuing his stylistic phrasing with ample supply of rubato and portamentos—vestiges of the late Romantic style.

The work is populated by some of Jasmin's favourite pieces by giants of the classical repertoire like Bach, Brahms, Scriabin, Rameau, Frescobaldi, Milan, Albeniz, and more. Your evening playlist will find a fresh dose of variety in this recording's collection of bourrées, waltzes, menuets, gavottes and preludes.

Each piece has been meticulously transcribed for classical guitar by Jasmin, the result of which is a work with each leg in the past and present.